World's Greatest Dad

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Smartest Dad Ever

Dad, When I was little I remember asking you questions like "Why is grass green?" or "How does a record player work?" And you always knew the answers. I knew I could go to you with any question and you would know the answer.
That always made me so proud of my Dad. I thought that I must have the smartest Dad in the whole world-- after all, you read an entire encyclopedia, started a rocket club, became an engineer without formal training, invented dozens of gadgets, and could fix necklaces, among other things.
I know that you value eduaction and learning. You took every opportunity to teach us. I remember reading the little, worn book about how engines work before getting my driver's license. Most of our family vacations involved a visit to a factory or museum. I remember driving across the state to see an actual Cinerama film. Sometimes those trips seemed a little long and boring (the aerospace museum in Dayton), but most of the time learning with you was so much fun.
I know that you love learning. Your example and influence has shaped us all. We are learners and doers.
Thank you for your wisdom and example. I love you!
Happy Father's Day!



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