World's Greatest Dad

Friday, June 16, 2006

Whiz Kid From Mars

Dad, you have always had the best collection of techno-goodies! When I was young, it seemed like you had an infinite supply of parts for my projects. You pretty much always let us use your tools too (even after we sometimes lost or abused them...). I remember you helped me build that Sinclair ZX81 when I was in the 6th grade. You always let us sit with you in the sound booth at Stake Conference, and tag along on church wiring projects in the Akron Chapel. You have always been an inspiration to me, in so many ways. I appreciate the love you put into being 'the family historian', capturing so many moments on video and film, and dredging the archives to pull a show together whenever there is a wedding or graduation to celebrate.

I love you Dad.
Happy Father's Day.


Us too! - Linda, Anna, Joe, Amaya, Elydia


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